Your Position:

What are the chances that I receive an apartment and that my wishes can be considered?

The decisive factors of allocation are the date of application and the completeness of your documents. You want to apply directly after you have received your study admission or – for restriction free courses of studies – after you have filled in the application form, best by the beginning of the application period. And yet we consider the different dates of Abitur examinations in several federal states of Germany. Students with children or students with special needs are given preference, if required. Under the condition you have applied sufficiently early, we take the late delivery of the admission certificates of restricted courses of studies into account. Wishes specified on your application will be given priority. Applicants who have decided for WOMIKO are preferably accommodated in residence halls as disclosed according to WOMIKO.

As the number of available rooms is always limited – especially in the winter semester –, we therefore cannot express your chances as a percentage. Please state precisely on your application documents how your application should be dealt with in case we cannot meet your wishes. (Please choose one of the options A to E.) Naturally, possibility „A - I will accept any other available room.“ increases your chances in getting an apartment at all.