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Can I name housing preferences and how long is the waiting list?

In your housing application, you can name up to three preferences.

When housing spots are being assigned it becomes clear that your preferences cannot be met, choose one of the options A, D or E so we know how to proceed with your application.

Option A: Greatest chance to be assigned a spot:
You will accept any other available spot. As a general rule, you can apply to move after one month of lease, provided that the lease is longer than 12 months.

Option D: Waiting list, a housing spot is not absolutely necessary at the desired moving-in date:
You will be satisfied only with one of the three housing preferences.
You wish to be placed on the waiting list for your preference of residence and the living arrangement you have named.
From the original start date of the lease contract, your application is placed on the waiting list for your preferred residence. On our website, you can view your position on the waiting list and how long the first person on the list has been waiting. You may need to wait for several months, especially for single apartments and at the beginning of the winter semester.
There is no waiting list during the application phase.

Option E: Opt out, a spot is not absolutely necessary.
If your preferences cannot be met, you opt out of a housing spot and your application will not be processed further.