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Photo of the entrance in the hall of residence from the eastern side
The entrance eastern side of the hall of residence F Location


Schliebenstraße 29, 02763 Zittau


Favorably located between the University and the canteen as well as just 10-minute walk from the Marktplatz of the city. It'll take you just a few minutes to reach the city center with its famous sights.

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Photo: Zittau in the winter
The Zittau mountains in winter

Located on the tri-border area of Germany, Czech Republic and Poland, Zittau is an attractive destination for the lovers of nature and rich history. The city is the center of the south-eastern Upper Lusatia.

Zittau was awarded the city status in 1255; it was one of the founders of the Lusatian League. Like other cities of the alliance, Zittau gained the wealth and the power in the Middle Ages, first of all, due to the cloth trade. Especially popular among tourists is the big Fastentuch of Zittau from the year 1472, which can be visited in the Kreuzkirche.

Zittau is a favorable starting point for trips to the Zittau mountains or short visits to Czech Republic or Poland.

The mountains of Zittau, located directly at the tri-border area with Poland and Czech Republic is the smallest low-mountain region in Germany. Many of the 115 sandstone rocks are also suitable for climbing.

The popular hiking destinations are the mountain Oybin and the 537 meters high Nonnenfelsen located south-west from Jonsdorf. There is the railway line from Zittau to the mountain resorts.