Studying and living in Zittau

In Zittau, the Studentenwerk Dresden operates several halls of residence, most of them in the direct vicinity of the campus of the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences. A total of more than 500 places are available to students in Zittau in single rooms and flats of varying sizes and facilities:

Residence halls in Zittau One-room flat or apartment in Zittau Shared apartment in Zittau
Residence F on Schliebenstraße in Zittau

Further offers of the Studentenwerk in Zittau

Dining services in Zittau are also provided by the Studentenwerk. The Kraatschn refectory is located on Hochwaldstraße directly on the banks of the Mandau River and in the immediate vicinity of the campus. The university library and the branch office of the Studentenwerk with the dormitory administration and the Office for Educational Funding are also located in the same building.

Study in Zittau

The University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz and the International University Institute of the TU Dresden (IHI) offer students in Zittau a diverse range of degree programmes with individual support and a strong focus on internationality.

Zittau's geographical location in the "border triangle" and its immediate proximity to the neighbouring countries of Poland and the Czech Republic are a decisive factor that characterises studying in Zittau. Both universities are actively involved in an intercultural exchange with the two neighbouring countries. Knowledge transfer, joint research and projects, active cultural exchange as well as academic networking and cross-border local transport are just a few examples of the forms of international cooperation.

Experiences around studying

In addition to studying, Zittau also offers a number of cultural attractions and a wide range of leisure activities. Nestled in the hilly region of Upper Lusatia and the Zittau Mountains, the city is also close to the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. The Zittau Mountains - the smallest low mountain range in Germany - are excellent for hiking, and when it snows, the mountains become a popular winter sports area with its well-known tourist centres of Oybin, Jonsdorf and Waltersdorf. There are "green" border crossings to the Czech Republic everywhere, and you can enjoy the world-famous Bohemian beer in the nearest Czech village inn.

If you are interested in city life, you will find plenty of ways to spend your day in Zittau. The Cultural History Museum in the Franciscan monastery and the Church of the Holy Cross Museum house the city's treasures: the Small and Great Lenten Cloths. The historic market square with the storehouse, town hall and theatre as well as gastronomic establishments of various kinds are worth a visit.