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Tango Argentino - Dance evenings

Accompanying the Tango Argentino courses, the Dresden University Sports Center (DHSZ) offers a free dance evening once a month at the TUSCULUM.

Here you can relax from the week in a sociable atmosphere and dance tango with each other, eat and talk. Especially the mixing of the dancers and the trying out will give you routine and enable you to get to know the different facets of Tango Argentino. You are welcome to enrich the community buffet with your own food, sweets, snacks and drinks.

The dance evening is aimed at all those who have attended at least one tango course. You are welcome with or without a dance partner. Registration is done through the DHSZ booking system.

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Götz Schneiderath (DHSZ)


Fridays 8:30 pm

on 12.04. and 03.05.2024 (registration from 02.04.2024)

as well as on 17.05. and 14.06. (registration from 10.04)


Studentenhaus TUSCULUM
August-Bebel-Straße 12
01219 Dresden
Hall 1


Students 5 € for both evenings,
10 € for non-students


via DHSZ