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Short-term care Campusnest

Opening hours of Campusnest

General opening hours:
Monday - Friday
09:05am - 6:30pm

Opening hours are tied to need (Earlier closing times are possible)


Hochschulstraße 50/0105A,
01069 Dresden

Phone: 0351 4519193 (durring opening hours)

Informational event of the Campusnest

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the informational events in the Campusnest will unfortunately be cancelled for the time being.

The Campusnest opens again after the summer break on 12.10.20. We offer the first two weeks of the semester as an acclimatisation period together with a parent.

Consultation hours with prior appointment by e-mail!

During consultation hours you can be advised personally on site or reach us by telephone. Appointments are made for both options.

Please ask for an appointment by mail. Appointments are made every half hour.

Please indicate two desired dates.

Date Time
Tuesday 29.09.20 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Thursday 01.10.20 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Tuesday 06.10.20 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Thursday 08.10.20 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

For the registration, you need:

  • 2x the filled out contract
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Booking form
  • Proof of measles vaccination (according to STIKO recommendation)

All forms are available at the Campusnest or on our website.

1. Contract

Before your child can be cared for, a contract has to be made. Please fill out the contract (twice) and hand in one form at the Campusnest either in person or send it via mail or e-mail. You can find the contract as download and as paper version at the Campusnest.

contract Campusnest as PDF General Terms of Service as PDF

2. Costs

Costs fixed booking flexible booking
Students 4,00 € per block 6,00 € per block
Employees 8,00 € per block 10,00 € per block

3. acclimatization time (flexible booking only)

The first two weeks are for the acclimatization of the children. Those two weeks give the children, the parents and the day-care workers the possibility to get to know each other and get used to the change from being at home to attending day-care. During this time, only flexible bookings are possible.

4. Fixed booking for permanent day-care need

You decide on 1 to 7 care blocks per week (2 blocks a day maximum) during which your child will attend the Campusnest regularly during the semester and you can ask us in person, via email or via phone (0351/4519193) if those times are available. If needed, we can look for different times together.

For fixed bookings, the payment in one sum for the whole semester takes place via automatic bank collection. You will receive a proof of payment.

5. Flexible booking for short-term child-care

If you want to flexible book one or more blocks, please use this online form.

Online booking for the Campusnest

If you have questions, please contact one of the employees of the Campusnest via one of the aforementioned contact possibilities.

When you get the confirmation, please pay the fee right before the start of the day-care at the register in the international guest house. A later payment (no exceptions either) is not possible. Please pay attention: the register is only open until 3.30 pm. If the child-care starts later in the day, you have to have the fee paid beforehand. The receipt of payment is proof of payment and the contract can be filled out at the day-care right before the beginning (if it wasn’t done beforehand).

If you have flexible blocks, please be there 20 minutes before it starts, so that payment and if necessary signing the contract can be done. Because of insurance, care of children can only be done afterwards.

6. Card for the child

Because of the many new children and their needs when it comes to meals and sleeping habits, parents have to bring a card (A-5 format) to the first block. It needs to have the following information:

  • Page 1: a picture of the child, name and date of birth
  • Page 2 with the following information:
  • Food: What? When?
  • Sleep: Where/how? Pacifier? Stuffed animal?
  • Stroller: Color? Brand?
  • Favorite past-time:
  • Emergency numbers: