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Changing diapers and breastfeeding on campus

The following overview shows the location of spots for changing diapers and breastfeeding in Studentenwerk Dresden facilities.

Spots for changing diapers

  • Alte Mensa

    Disabled toilet in the foyer
    Site map of Alte Mensa

  • Studentenwerk Dresden administration building

    Fritz-Löffler-Str. 18, 5th floor
    Kid’s corner with diaper changing station near financial aid (staircase to the right)
    Diaper changing station near visitors’ toilet (staircase to the left)

  • Mensologie

    (Signposted diaper changing room halfway up the stairs between the ground floor and 1st floor on the side with the offices for canteens
    Site map of Mensologie

  • Mensa Matrix

    Diaper changing station in disabled toilet
    Site map of Mensa Matrix

  • Mensa Siedepunkt

    Diaper changing station in toilet anteroom
    Site map of Mensa Siedepunkt

Location of breastfeeding rooms