The history of Studentenwerk Dresden in headlines


January StudentenwerksForum offers space for events
The former AOK student office at Schnorrstraße 10 (student residence hall at Fritz-Löffler-Straße 16) has been converted into an event room. StudentenwerksForum, so the space is named, can be used for internal training courses as well as public events.
February Mensa Brühl expands its range of offers
Students, staff, and professors of Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfBK) Dresden now have more choices: Mensa Brühl canteen now also has a salad bar.
March Menu line mensaVital also in Görlitz
MensaVital is a Studentenwerk Dresden menu line. One portion of a mensaVital midday meal corresponds roughly to the recommended and sensible energy input for an adult with a sedentary job. In addition to the Alte Mensa canteen in Dresden, the Mensa Görlitz canteen now also offers mensaVital.
April SpielWerk kids design public playground
A public playground in Beutlerpark will be inaugurated on the 24th in the immediate vicinity of the Studentenwerk Dresden’s SpielWerk daycare center . The playground now has a knight’s castle which children from SpielWerk helped design.
May Studentenwerk Dresden opens Grill Cube
Grill Cube is the latest Studentenwerk Dresden dining option on TU Dresden campus. In a modern container building, students and university staff can now enjoy hearty BBQ food and cold drinks. Grill Cube is centrally located on the lawn behind the Auditorium Center.
June Daycare center SpielWerk back at Beutlerpark
After extensive construction work, SpielWerk daycare center has moved back into the building at Beutlerpark 6. Renovations took three quarters of a year. Hygienic conditions were significantly improved in five bathrooms. Outdoors, a play hill with a slide was added.
June DSW symposium on culture takes place in Dresden
How do crowdfunding and fundraising actually work?Cultural representatives from German student service providers discussed these questions from the 9th to the 11th at the Deutsches Studierendenwerk (DSW) symposium on culture in Dresden. More than 40 conference-goers dived into these topics at Studentenhaus TUSCULUM as well as exchanged about their cultural projects.
June New terrace and outdoor area for insgrüne coffeebar
insgrüne coffeebar, the cafeteria in Georg-Schumann-Bau at TU Dresden which was opened by Studentenwerk Dresden in 2013, was given a new terrace and outdoor facilities.
In addition to structural restoration of the outdoor facilities, the main aim was to provide barrier-free access to the entire area.
July Görlitz: Hirschwinkel student residence hall returned to Saxon state
Public law institution Studentenwerk Dresden has decided to return Hirschwinkel student residence hall to its owner, the Free State of Saxony on short notice. The decision was made due to a significant oversupply of student accommodation in Görlitz.
August Second Kunst am Bau flyer available
For the second time, Studentenwerk Dresden has published a Kunst am Bau flyer. The flyer gives a clear overview of detailed information about individual steles, murals, and sculptures in and around the student residence halls at St. Petersburger Straße, Gret-Palucca-Straße (formerly Parkstraße), Güntzstraße, and Borsbergstraße.
September Student service providers meet in Dresden for football championship
Goal! This year it’s a home match! As tradition has it, the winners of the previous year are the hosts for the following German student service providers’ football championship.
That’s why kick-off this year was in Dresden. Chief organizer Udo Lehmann and his team spared neither time nor effort to make the competition at EnergieVerbund Arena Dresden pleasant for the participants from many student service providers throughout Germany.
September GOOD AND NEW:A makeover for the cash desk
In the summer of 2015, the cash desk on the 3rd floor of Studentenwerk Dresden headquarters will move. Both the direct access to the hallway and a widened entrance door for wheelchair users in compliance with DIN guidelines are visible advantages for improved access to the cash desk area.
October New branch for Campusbüro
Since the beginning of the 2015/2016 winter semester, Campusbüro Uni mit Kind has had a branch office at the student residence hall at Budapester Straße 24. Group offers have moved into the new branch, called “CABÜffchen” (German for cubbyhole), such as the baby and parent-child meetings, the baby massage program as well as the music garden and other workshops. All other counseling services are still available at the premises in George-Bähr-Straße 1b.
October Welcome brochure for Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz students
For the first time, the cities of Zittau and Görlitz, Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, and Studentenwerk Dresden have jointly published a welcome brochure for first-year students. Prospective students demand a suitable range of courses and modern infrastructure as well as good support and counseling services. The new welcome brochure starts by providing information all about studying at the university and city life. Every first-year student will receive it with their application documents.
October Regulars’ table for students with disabilities
For the first time, the staff of the Studentenwerk Dresden Social Counseling Office are inviting students with disabilities or chronic illnesses to a regulars’ table. The event offers a platform for students to exchange and get to know various contact points as well as hear practical tips and information on studying with disabilities.
November Alte Mensa celebrates 90th birthday with Sunday brunch
90 years ago, the Studentenhaus on Mommsenstraße that today houses the ever-popular Studentenwerk Dresden Alte Mensa canteen was inaugurated. To mark the anniversary, the Mensa team invites you to a public brunch on the 15th. Besides students and employees of various universities, interested citizens are also welcome.
November New, barrier-free layout for SPIEGEL-EI
SPIEGEL-EI, the Studentenwerk Dresden newspaper, will appear once a month in the student newspaper ad rem at the beginning of the 2015/2016 winter semester.
With this publication, SPIEGEL-EI will also be published for the first time as a barrier-free document in PDF format.
December Renovation of the student residence halls on Gret-Palucca-Straße
The two student residence halls built in 1967/68 will be modernized in two phases of construction—by autumn 2017, the residence hall at Gret-Palucca-Straße 11 and immediately thereafter by autumn 2019 the neighboring residence hall at Gret-Palucca-Straße 9. Studentenwerk Dresden is providing a total of 23 million euro from its own funds. The existing layout and floor plan of the student apartments will remain unchanged. However, the recessed balconies, previously outdoors, will be added as floor space to the rooms.
December Studentenwerk Dresden Administrative Board enacts corporate philosophy
The Administrative Board of Studentenwerk Dresden has enacted a newly formulated corporate philosophy. It forms the basis of the corporate culture and describes the values that Studentenwerk stands for. The new philosophy comprises two essential documents: the Studentenwerk Dresden mission statement and its corporate policy. These now form the basis for the company’s goals and strategies—thus also for the daily work of staff in all areas.
December Survey on housing satisfaction
Together with the other student service providers from Middle Germany, Studentenwerk Dresden is conducting an online survey on housing satisfaction. The 5,709 residents of student residence halls in Dresden, Tharandt, Zittau, and Görlitz were informed about the survey by mail. Studentenwerk is interested in various topics, e.g: What makes living in a student residence hall attractive for students? How satisfied are the residents?Is it a true "temporary home" and would they always want to move back to a student residence hall?


January Grand finale set for Museumsrallye
Museumsrallye will end with a large-scale closing party at Studentenhaus TUSCULUM. The cultural event, a Studentenwerk Dresden project in cooperation with 16 Dresden museums, ran for two and a half months.
February Kids’ corner at Mensologie
A kids’ corner for the children of student parents is being set up at Mensologie, the canteen on the TU Dresden Medical Faculty campus. Student initiative Medi-Eltern, which is committed to supporting students with children, was supported by Studentenwerk Dresden in implementing its idea.
March Mensa Zittau turns ten years old
The Mensa Zittau team celebrated its anniversary with the guests of the canteen. Since opening ten years ago, a total of 1,675,778 guests have been welcomed in the canteen.
May Guided art history tours at Mensa Bergstraße
Seven guided art and architecture history tours through the Neue Mensa canteen Bergstrasse took place in May, June and July. The event sought to increase awareness for architecture and to communicate the diverse potential of historical and recent buildings to a broad public.
June KITA: The alma mater for students with children
The Deutsches Studierendenwerk symposium KITA took place in Dresden from the 1st to the 3rd of the month. Participants discussed such topics as childcare as part of early childhood education, educational partnership with parents, family cultures, work organization, or teamwork in daycare facilities in forums, lectures, and workshops.
July How students live in Dresden
Studentenwerk Dresden has published a regional analysis of the 20th Social Survey (German: Sozialerhebung) on the economic and social situation of students. In interesting figures and overviews, the reader can gain insight into the living conditions of students in Dresden.
August SpielWerk daycare center moves to temporary quarters
The children and staff of SpielWerk daycare center have moved to an interim building in Dresden-Reick due to renovation measures. After the move, all tried to create a little sense of home in the new rooms of the alternative daycare center by decorating the walls and putting up furniture from the old daycare center at Beutlerpark.
September On the 10th, the renovated student residence hall F in Zittau will be ceremonially opened. Executive Director of Studentenwerk Dresden, Martin Richter, and architect Norbert Zimmermann will offer information about the successfully completed renovation.
October Canteen moves
The temporary canteen on Nürnberger Straße opened on Monday the 13th to the beat of many drums. A procession of samba drummers marched from the Neue Mensa canteen to the interim location on Nürnberger Straße. They were followed by canteen cooks and employees carrying cooking spoons and giant ladles. Upon arrival at the canteen, the temporary eatery was dedicated in a public ceremony. The new name is Zeltschlösschen.
October Studentenhaus TUSCULUM turns 20
Studentenhaus TUSCULUM celebrated its 20th anniversary as a Studentenhaus in 2014. The celebration was simultaneously the award ceremony of the student service providers photo competition.
November Psychosocial Counseling Center (PSB) turns five
Over the last five years, PSB was established both structurally and professionally under the leadership of Dr. Sabine Stiehler. Three advisors now work alongside Dr. Stiehler in the institution, which also offer regular consultations for students at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences.
November Student residence hall Fritz-Löffler-Straße 16 becomes more international
A new project is starting at the beginning of the winter semester with a great upturn of optimism and ideas. For international students who are only in Dresden for a maximum of one semester, Studentenwerk Dresden is offering a dedicated living concept in the student residence hall at Fritz-Löffler-Straße 16.
December Fund-raising campaign for Sonnenstrahl e. V.
Employees of Mensologie, a canteen, collected 1,743 euro at a fundraising campaign for children with cancer and their families. Mensologie has been a donation partner of Sonnenstrahl e. V. Dresden for several years.


February Dresden students travel to Florida
As part of the Beyond Borders Program, ten students from Dresden, Zittau, and Görlitz will travel to sunny Florida, where they spend three weeks participating in an intercultural exchange.
February Flea market at Neue Mensa canteen Bergstraße
Once a semester, student parents—often accompanied by their children—come to the flea market and offer clothes and toys for sale in the foyer of the Neue Mensa canteen on Bergstraße.
March Trainee cooks travel to France
Deutsches Studierendenwerk (DSW) has organized the exchange of three cooks-in-training from Studentenwerk Dresden with the French student service provider CROUS Versailles. The EU lauded this exchange as a "Good Practice" mobility project in 2012.
April Studentenwerk Dresden will open the canteen Mensa WUeins on the 22nd in the student residence hall at Wundtstraße 1. With the project, Studentenwerk Dresden has broken new ground—for the first time ever, a student residence hall has been equipped with a canteen. Mensa WUeins seats 77 guests.
The completion of Mensa WUeins marks the end of renovations in the student city complex at Wundtstraße/Zellescher Weg. A total of 1,600 students live here in the largest Studentenwerk Dresden student housing area.
May insgrüne coffeebar opened at Schumann-Bau
Another Studentenwerk Dresden food service facility will open in the 2013 summer semester: insgrüne coffeebar. Renovation of the former cafeteria Schummel in the venerable vaults of the former district court at Georg-Schumann building took in total about seven months. The rooms are now flooded with light, white and green dominate the palette. The bright and colorful space with light wooden elements offers a comfortable atmosphere for a snack, light meal, or just a cup of coffee between classes.
June Elbe flood hits student residence hall at Neuberinstraße
Due to the rising level of the Elbe river, Studentenwerk Dresden has to evacuate the student residence hall at Neuberinstraße 15.
June The Minister of State visits student residence hall in Görlitz
On the 6th, the Minister of State for Science and Art, Prof. Sabine von Schorlemer, will visit Görlitz where she will be a guest in the Hirschwinkel student residence hall.
July Studentenwerk Dresden publishes first Kunst am Bau flyer
Just in time for the completion of the student city complex at Wundtstraße/Zellescher Weg, Studentenwerk Dresden has published its first Kunst am Bau flyer.
July Online canteen survey on customer satisfaction
Studentenwerk Dresden is conducting a seventh online canteen survey. The aim is to further increase customer satisfaction and to increase the number of students eating at canteens.
August Staff and children of SpielWerk daycare center collect donations
Thanks to the dedicated employees of SpielWerk daycare center, in August a donation was handed over to another children's institution in Laubegast, which had been completely submerged in the Elbe flood.
September Construction work at Studentenhaus TUSCULUM
Studentenwerk Dresden is using the summer days to carry out construction work in Studentenhaus TUSCULUM. The former loading ramp at the back of the building will become the new main entrance.
October Canteen Mensa Brühl reopens
Students, staff, and professors of Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfBK) can again have lunch, drink coffee, or enjoy a snack in the renovated canteen Mensa Brühl.
November Dresden Museumsrallye: A race through museums
At the beginning of the winter semester, the Dresden Museumsrallye took place for the first time. The event was an invitation to students with an affinity for art as well as to students who are interested in competitions of all kinds.
November Reading day at Studentenwerk Dresden’s SpielWerk daycare center
For once, four Studentenwerk Dresden employees are acting not as consultants in matters of student financing, but are reading from children's books at SpielWerk daycare center.
December Online survey on Legal Counseling for students
During the 2013 summer semester, Studentenwerk Dresden will for the first time conduct an online survey on its legal counseling service for students.


January Student club Wu5 reopens: Good things come to those who wait!
February Campusnest popular among student parents
March Studentenwerk Dresden as host
March Studentenwerk Dresden helps 5,071 students with moving costs
April Zittau: Student club DeziBar reopens
April Studentenwerk offers a wide range of courses
May Germany's first organic canteen opens
May SpielWerk daycare center certified by "Haus der kleinen Forscher" foundation
May PePP (practical experience brings plus points) back on tour
July Alte Mensa canteen receives Golden Tray award
August Language exchange with Trento in Italy
September Startbonbon for first semester students and Wegweiser guide with calendar published
October Students move into the student residence hall at Wundtstraße 1
October mensaVital opens at Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteen
November Dresden cooks in Prague as guests
November Silverware or pressed plastic: Crockery rom 100 years of everyday canteen life
December DSW poster exhibition at Studentenwerk Dresden gallery STUWERTINUM
December "Studentenfutter": Photo art at Neue Mensa canteen on Bergstraße


January Neue Mensa canteen on Bergstraße celebrates its 30th birthday
February Uni mit Kind: Campus lives! Campusbüro is very popular and the trend is rising.
March Counseling services of the Psychosocial Counseling Center now also in Zittau and Görlitz
April Regional edition of the 19th Social Survey (German: Sozialerhebung) published
May New canteen names: TellerRandt for foresty students—Mensologie for students of medicine
June Students on the Johannstadt campus can now "lieber mensen gehen!"
July GmbH Employees incorporated into Studentenwerk Dresden
July POLYMORPHEUS: Exams exhibition at TUSCULUM
August Dolce Vita in Trento: Summer language course in collaboration with the University of Trento student service provider
September Student residence hall at Zellescher Weg 41c inaugurated
October FSJ students begin their stint at Studentenwerk Dresden
November "GoldenesEi" for Studentenwerk Dresden
December Studentenwerk conducts online survey on customer satisfaction in the Student Financing Division


January Martin Richter, the new Executive Director of Studentenwerk Dresden, took up his duties on 4 January 2010.
February Mensa Klinikum canteen hands over donation of 800 EUR to Sonnenstrahl e. V.
April MensaCard Emeal now replacing Emeal key ring
April Culture festival Dresdner Studententage begins
April Campusbüro Uni mit Kind hosts family spring festival
May Renovations in student residence Zellescher Weg 41 c begin on the 1st
May First TU Student Environmental Initiative climate festival at Mensa Bergstraße canteen. Celebrity cook Attila Hildmann visits Studentenwerk Dresden
June Aktion Tandem: Halle and Trier student service providers in Dresden as guests
July Alte Mensa canteen earns 5th place at UNICUM Canteen of the Year 2010 competition
August Studentenwerk branch in Zittau and Görlitz severely affected by Elbe flood disaster
August Student residence hall data networks in Dresden turn 15
September Studentenwerk inaugurates new children's facility in the student residence hall on Zellescher Weg 41d
October Sunday brunch at Mensa Siedepunkt canteen
October More vegetables than meat in Germany's canteens
Day of action as part of ARD’s Food is Life week (German: Essen ist Leben); 19 student service providers serve vegetarian or vegan dishes
October Soup bar in the Mensa Bergstraße canteen now called Omega (OHne MEsser und GAbel (English: No knife and fork)
October WOMIKO rental program (Living with Classmates) launched in 21 student residence halls
November Studentenwerk Dresden canteens serve 3 millionth guest in 2010 in November
November Alte Mensa canteen turns 85


January Studentenhaus TUSCULUM now bookable online
January Campusbüro Uni mit Kind celebrates second birthday
February Studentenwerk Dresden first student service provider in Germany to receive quality certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
February 2nd online survey on housing satisfaction in student residence halls presented and conducted in November/December 2008 with 988 participants
February Mensa Klinikum canteen receives Golden Tray award for friendliness atUNICUM Canteen of the Year 2008; Alte Mensa and Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteens also place well
February Deutsches Studierendenwerk (DSW) "Fit durchs Studium" poster exhibition now at STUWERTINUM
February Studentenwerk Dresden and TU-Fotoclub 2009 photo competition, topic “A change of direction”, announced
March 4th online survey on satisfaction with Studentenwerk Dresden’s BAföG service presented and conducted from Octobre by December with 289 participants
March Studentenwerk Dresden is the first student service provider in Germany to begin labeling allergenic food in the canteens, starting at Bergstraße canteen.
March Mensa Zittau canteen celebrates fifth birthday
March New pasta counter and renaming of stairways at Mensa Bergstraße canteen
March Wok station at Bergstraße canteen opens
March Student residence Gerokstraße 27 closes
April Flyer adverts prohibited at Mensa Bergstraße canteen to improve image
May Aktion Tandem: Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) team cooks at Mensa Klinikum canteen
May 18th Dresdner Studententage take place
October WOMIKO pilot project (Living with Classmates) launched in student residences halls at Budapester Str. 24 ( TU/Mechanical Engineering) and Wundtstraße 11 (TU/Business and Economics)


January Café Listig cafeteria on HTW campus redesigned as part of the complete renovation of the central building, new location now in the main foyer
January Campusbüro Uni mit Kind celebrates its first birthday
January Rent adjusted between two and five euro in student residence halls
January Saxony's Minister of Science, Dr. Eva Maria Stange, announces increase in subsidies for Studentenwerk Dresden
February Mensa Klinikum canteen wins first place for friendliness at UNICUM Mensa of the Year competition
March "(my) best time @ wohnheim" by Philipp Luhmann wins first place in the student competition for a student housing slogan
March Call for entries to the 2008 photo competition, topic "Student life"
March Results of the first online survey on Studentenwerk Dresden's social services presented, survey conducted in January with 119 participants
April Campus Nest, short-term daycare center, opens at Hochschulstraße 50
April Inauguration of renovated student residence halls on Hochschulstraße
April Studentenwerk Dresden canteens serve 1 millionth guest in 2008 at Mensa Sport canteen
April Studentenwerk Dresden presents “Kinder? Kinder!” exhibition at STUWERTINUM
May Aktion Tandem: Jena cooks at Mensa Klinikum canteen
May 17th Dresdner Studententage take place
May Aktion Tandem: Dresden cooks in Jena
June Administration building at Fritz-Löffler-Straße 18 refurbished
June Evaluation of cafeteria survey conducted in May with 313 participants
July U-Boot cafeteria launches new American menu
September Student residence hall at Wundtstraße 5 inaugurated after renovation
September Online bulletin board introduced Uni mit Kind website: Exchange site for children's items managed by Studentenwerk Dresden
October Studentenwerk Dresden finances daycare center in Görlitz for the children of students/university employees
October 3rd canteen survey successfully completed, conducted in June and July with 1,126 participants
October Renovation of student residence hall at Wundtstraße 7 begins
October Food counter at TUSCULUM closed to make way for new canteen Blau at Weberplatz
October Saxon Student Unions conference submits petition to Saxon State Parliament against the underfunding of student service providers in Saxony
November Parents' initiative Studieren mit Kind receives a main prize at te DSW national Students for Students competition in Berlin, winning against 209 competitors
December Campus cooking: Star chef from T-Mobile Klaus Breining cooks at Bergstraße canteen
December Mensa Zittau canteen welcomes 3 millionth guest, breaking 3 million for the first time


January Campusbüro Uni mit Kind on George-Bähr-Str. 1d launched as a joint project with TU Dresden
January Alte Mensa canteen reopens after almost 3 years of renovation and 14 million euro in construction costs
January Neue Mensa Bergstraße canteen turns 25
February Hochschulstraße 48 reopens after 8 months of renovation
February Renovations begin at Hochschulstraße 46
March UNICUM chose its Canteen of the Year 2006, two Golden Tray awards for 2nd place for friendliness and 3rd place for atmosphere for Mensa Klinikum canteen
April caz now includes Spiegel-Ei as full-color insert with a complete menu
April Newly renovated canteen opens at Palucca University of Dance Dresden
May 16th Dresdner Studententage (15 events incl. 3rd UNI AIR competition with 3,000 attendees; 8th night walk with 5,000 participants)
May Semester fees for wintersemester 2007/2008 increased from 44 to 58 euro
June Aktion Tandem: Mensa Zittau canteen at Stralsund canteen (Greifswald student service provider)
July 2nd online survey on customer satisfaction in Studentenwerk Dresden canteens
September Renovations begin at Wundtstraße 5, end of construction expected by the end of August 2008
September Mensa Sport canteen opens at Ostragehege
October Kindergarten branch with 18 nursery spots opens at Zellescher Weg
October 312 student residence spots occupied at Hochschulstraße 46 after eight months of construction
October Student club P5 reopens after fire
October Club 11 reopens after Hochschulstraße 48 building renovations
October European Court of Justice finds BAföG for studies abroad must be guaranteed in Germany from the first semester
October Aktion Tandem: Cooks from Munich student service provider bring the party to Alte Mensa canteen
October 1st prize for Tobias Lorenz for naming the serving counter Brat² at Alte Mensa canteen
November MENSA-TALK resumes in Görlitz
November Aktion Tandem: Studentenwerk Dresden chefs cook at the Munich student service provider canteen on Arcisstraße
November Nursery at Zellescher Weg opens with 18 spots for toddlers; 200th grant for first apartment furnishings granted
December Company party for Studentenwerk Dresden's 88th anniversary
December Studentenwerk Dresden’s 88th anniversary; mulled wine, punch, and a birthday cake at Neue Mensa canteen; a special anniversary edition of a coffee cup and menu sold for 0.88 euro
December - February 2008 Online survey on Studentenwerk Dresden’s social services


January On the 19th, Mensa Bergstraße canteen celebrates its 25th anniversary
January Website for prospective students from Germany and abroad,, goes online, financed by DAAD grants
February Mensa Zittau canteen receives four Golden Tray awards for third place in overall valuation/service/taste and for the title "Shooting Star" at UNICUM Canteen of the year 2005; Dresden canteens also place well
February New monitors at Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteen
February New website for international students,, goes online
March All-you-can-eat restaurant (later dubbed "GOURMED" through naming competition) at Mensa Klinikum canteen
April - May 15th Dresdner Studententage (29 events with a total of 15,340 attendees)
May Aktion Tandem: Studentenwerk Dresden in Brandenburg (Potsdam student services provider)
May/June 3rd online survey on Studentenwerk Dresden’s BAföG service; and 1st online survey on customer satisfaction in Studentenwerk Dresden canteens
June International Guest House (Hochschulstraße 50) opens after renovations
October Students move into residence hall at Pienner Straße 9 in Tharandt (building ultimately purchased)
October New canteen in Görlitz opens (4.3 million euro in construction costs)
November Aktion Tandem: Potsdam student service provider visits Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteen as part of the exchange program
November - December Online survey of student service providers in Saxony on housing satisfaction (1,136 participants)
November - January Online survey on Studentenwerk Dresden’s cultural programs

2001 - 2005

2001 Mensa Bergstraße canteen turns 20
2001 10th Dresdner Studententage
2001 Mensa Klinikum canteen reopens after partial renovation
2001 Renovations begin in Wundtstraße residence hall complex on buildings 9 and 11
2002 January - New Studentenwerk Dresden website,, goes online:
2002 January - New payment method, emeal, for canteens and cafeterias
2002 February - TUSCULUM canteen reopens
2002 June - Fire at Mensa Klinikum canteen
2002 May/June - Large survey on satisfaction with students residence halls
2002 August - Elbe floods, damages amount to 200,664 euro in the canteens at Reichenbachstraße, Wettiner Platz (now Stimm-Gabel), and in Tharandt as well as in the Aquarium and Bärenzwinger student clubs
2002 September - SLUB cafeteria opens on 1 February 2003 under the name Bib-Lounge
2002 October - Renovated student residence halls at Wundtstraße 9 and 11 open
2002 October - Haus 7 cafeteria in Zittau renovated
2002 October - Cafeteria Brühl at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts closes
2002 October - Mensa Tharandt canteen reopens after flood
2002 November - Pasta counter Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteen opens
2002 Kitchen renovations begin on daycare center at Beutlerpark
2003 April - Newly acquired U-Boot cafeteria opens in the TU Dresden (TUD) Potthoff building
2003 April - Mensa Wettiner Platz canteen reopens after flood
2003 June - Three days of protest in the canteens against the subsidy policy of the Free State of Saxony, initiated by the students of student service provider administrative boards in Saxony
2003 August - Construction begins on Bergstraße extension as a highway access road, resulting in restrictions in access to the canteen and the outside area of the canteen
2003 Student residence halls Semperstraße 3/1 and 3/3 close
2003 1st September - Renovation on student residence hall at Wundtstraße 3 begins
2003 October - Temporary bridge finished over Bergstraße as a connection between the canteen and TU Dresden (TUD) Auditorium Complex
2003 November - New event series, Mensa-Talk, starts with first guest: Professor Hermann Kokenge, TU Dresden Rector
2004 February - Renovation on Alte Mensa canteen on Mommsenstraße begins March/April and two tent canteens open as interim solution (later named ESSE and KommPott through a student competition)
2004 On the 15th, Mensa Zittau canteen reopens after two and a half years of renovation; the new building on Hochwaldstraße also houses the Studentenwerk Dresden branch in Zittau/Görlitz (now Oberlausitz) and the library of Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
2004 March - Student residence hall at Tiergartenstraße (art noveau villa) closes
2004 13th Dresdner Studententage; 5th Dresden night walk; 6,000 attend pub festival in Dresden student clubs
2004 May/June - Online survey on BAföG Office service
2004 October - Renovations in U-Boot cafeteria in Potthoff building finished
2004 October - Celebration week: Studentenhaus TUSCULUM turns 10
2004 October/November - New monitors in Zittau and Bergstraße canteens
2004 3rd November - Topping out of canteen/library in Tharandt
2004 November - Renovated student residence hall at Wundtstraße 3 inaugurated, the third of six houses now renovated
2004 December - Siedepunkt canteen converted, 80 new seats added
2004 December - Bridge finished between Mensa Bergstraße canteen and TU Dresden Auditorium Complex
2004 December - Studentenwerk Dresden turns 85
2005 February - VOICE OVER IP: Student residence halls at Güntzstraße and Marschnerstraße get Internet/telephone
2005 February -Dresden City Council decides to introduce second home tax in 2006; students also affected
2005 April - Student residence hall D in Zittau under renovation
2005 April - New student club, New Feeling, founded in the extension of student residence hall at Budapester Straße, opening ceremony on the 15th
2005 April - 14th Dresdner Studententage start on the 20th, 28 events take place
2005 April - On six days in April, 1,660 questionnaires are distributed in Bergstraße canteen for a survey on waiting times there
2005 May - During Studententage, UNI-AIR, a student band competition, takes place on the 3rd. 11 bands compete against each other, 3,000 attendees come to the meadow behind Auditorium Complex (HSZ) and hand in a total of 1,647 ballots
2005 May - Information displays now in four Studentenwerk Dresden canteens; the good old chalkboard is no longer needed
2005 May - Polish cooks from Wrocław are guests at Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteen, six different Polish dishes offered on three days
2005 June - On the 1st, the terrace of U-Boot cafeteria opens its doors: Guests can rest under an old cherry tree and have a coffee
2005 June - On the 15th, the first Dresden social fair takes place in the foyer of Mensa Bergstraße canteen
2005 June - Successful launch of Aktion Tandem exchange project: Rostock student service provider at Mensa Bergstraße canteen
2005 July - Mensa Tharandt canteen opens on the 18th; the same building is home to the library of the Department of Forest Sciences, which also open during the summer.
2005 July - On the 30th, award ceremony for the participants of a poster competition on the topic “Mensa – die gastronomische Fakultät” (English: Canteen—the Culinary Department)
2005 August - DSW and C.N.O.U.S. student service provider organizations at a German-French colloquium in Dresden
2005 October - Renovated student residence hall D opens in Zittau
2005 October - Renovations on the student residence at Hochschulstraße begin
2005 October - Topping out of new building for Mensa Görlitz canteen
2005 November - Mensa Mommsenstraße canteen turns 80: Construction site birthday
2005 December - Aktion Tandem exchange project a continued success: Cooks from Dresden give students in Rostock a culinary delight

1990 - 2000

1991 On the 1st July, Studentenwerk Dresden newly founded
1992 On the 1st June, Dr. Rudolf Pörtner becomes Executive Director of Studentenwerk Dresden
1992 Student residence hall at Hoyerswerdaer Straße 10 renovated
1992-1994 1992 - Student residence hall at Gutzkowstraße 29–33 renovated
1993 Student residence hall at Reichenbachstraße 35–39 and a residential floor in the community center Tharandt at Wilsdruffer Str. 1A renovated
1994 75th anniversary of the founding of Studentenwerk; slogan: "Service rund um's Studium" (English: Services for your studies); student residence hall at Gutzkowstraße renamed to Max-Kade-Haus
1995 Student residence high-rise buildings at Budapester Straße 22 and 24 and interior of student residence high-rise building at Parkstraße 5 renovated
1996 New assembly of representatives constituted; Prof. Dr. Achim Mehlhorn becomes chairman of the Administrative Board, a further Studentenwerk Dresden organ
1996 Mensa Klinikum canteen on Blasewitzer Straße taken over by Studentenwerk Dresden
1997 Student residence hall at Güntzstraße 22 renovated
1997 Mensa Reichenbachstraße canteen is reopened after extensive renovation
1997 Cafeteria Schummel newly opened at TU Dresden
1997 Student residence hall at Columbusstraße 2 renovated, then be placed under student self-administration: WUMS e.V. - Wohnende und mitgestaltende Studentinnen e. V.
1997 First Dresden student cook book published
1997 Service office in the Student Financing Division established to provide improved counseling on questions of financing studies
1997 / 98 Studentenwerk Dresden’s largest student residence hall at Fritz-Löffler-Str. 12 renovated
1997 -1999 Renovation of the student residence halls at Zellescher Weg 41, 41a, 41b
1998 / 99 Renovation of a heritage-protected four-sided courtyard in Alträcknitz
1999 Student residence hall at Neuberinstraße on the Elbe river renovated
1999 80th anniversary of the founding of Studentenwerk Dresden
1999 -2001 Renovation of the student residence halls at St. Petersburger Str. 21, 25, 29; Erlweinpreis award from the City of Dresden for Architekturgemeinschaft Ulf Zimmermann and Bauherrenpreis 2001 award for Studentenwerk Dresden
2000 Mensa Mommsenstraße canteen turns 75

1945 - 1989

1945 Studentenwerk Dresden attempts to re-establish; the university administration and the state building authority accommodated in the Studentenhaus; assets of Studentenwerk confiscated
1948 Transfer of Studentenwerk Dresden to social study aid office (German: Soziale Studienhilfe); building at Mommsenstraße 13 becomes property of the office and is rented to Technische Hochschule (TH)
1950 Student council disbanded; FDJ takes over all tasks
1953 Decentralized canteen administration arm completed; central canteen gets three new dining rooms and a central canteen kitchen; further dining rooms in the lecture hall building on Zellescher Weg and Dürerstraße
1955 Student residence hall at Reichsstraße (today Fritz-Löffler-Straße), Zellescher Weg
1957 Canteen of the Medical Academy on Blasewitzer Straße opens
1960 Canteen of the University of Transportation on Reichenbachstraße inaugurated
1961 Former Technische Hochschule receives technical university status
1962 Student residence hall at Christianstraße (today St. Petersburger Straße) with 320 places
1968 FDJ student club Bärenzwinger opens
1971/72 Student residence complex Wundtstraße erected
1972 Daycare center at Beutlerpark and student residence halls at Wundtstraße inaugurated
1977 Newly designed canteen at Nöthnitzer Straße handed over and student club Spirale opens
1981 Neue Mensa canteen on Bergstraße opens, designed by Dresden architect Ulf Zimmermann; the canteen quickly becomes a central point of contact on the TU campus

1919 - 1944

1919 Deutsche Studentenschaft (German student body organization) founded in Würzburg; Hochschul-Wirtschafts-Genossenschaft (English: University Economic Cooperative) and Dresdner Hochschulverein e.V. (Dresden university association) founded; general student representation body constituted
1921 Hochschul-Wirtschafts-Genossenschaft Dresden (English: Dresden University and Economics Cooperative Society) takes over mensaacademica
1923 Construction begins on Studentenhaus in Dresden
1925 Studentenhaus at Mommsenstraße inaugurated
1927 Hochschul-Wirtschafts-Genossenschaft integrated into Dresdner Hochschulverein e.V.
1927/28 Studentenhaus extensions and renovations
1930 Dresdner Hochschulverein e.V. agrees on statutes
1933 Board of Deutsches Studierendenwerk dissolved, Reichsstudentenwerk established with headquarters in Berlin; Pedagogical Institute integrated into what will be Studentenwerk Dresden
1934 Dresdner Hochschulverein e.V. becomes Studentenwerk Dresden
1935 Studentenwerk Dresden’s focus expanded to include art academies and College of Music
1936 Studentenwerk sells part of the Mommsenstraße property to TH; newly built building becomes “Kameradschaftshaus” of Nationalsozialistischer Studentenbund (NSStB)
1938 Reichsstudentenwerk assumes property rights and obligations; Studentenwerk Dresden dissolved retroactively to 1 April; Prof. Gehler resigns as chairman
1939 Newly erected Studentenhaus in Dresden receives extension; new rooms used by counseling service