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Amateur music evening at TUSCULUM on May 30

Published on Monday, 25.3.2024

At the first amateur music evening at TUSCULUM, amateurs meet to play in an informal setting without an audience.

The tradition of music salons was also widespread in Dresden until the post-war period. People from all social classes met in them to make music together - free of class barriers - and to talk freely about art, culture and other topics. 
TUSCULUM would like to continue this tradition with the Amateur Music Evening. Here, music-loving amateurs from the student environment (students, members of student orchestras and choirs, university staff) meet to play in front of each other and present their favorite pieces in an informal setting without an audience. Perhaps this will also result in new duos, trios and quartets.
The relaxed atmosphere also counteracts “stage fright”: it is a salon evening and not a concert evening and playing around is part of it.
The pieces should last less than 10 minutes. All acoustic instruments (piano, violin, flute etc.) and singing are possible. Musically, the focus should be on chamber and salon music as well as jazz and film music. Arrangements of pop music are also possible.
Thursday, May 30 - Admission is from 7:30 pm, beginning around 8 pm. The evening ends at 10 pm.
A small selection of drinks and snacks will be available.

For better planning of the evening, please register in advance by May 20: Registration form