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Cancellation of the tenancy agreement by the tenant

Please refer to the General Rental Terms for a complete overview of all recourse the tenant has to terminate the rental agreement before the contractually agreed term has elapsed:

§ 11 Duration and termination of the rental contract

(4) Despite the restriction of the tenancy agreement, the tenant may terminate an agreement in writing at latest by the 3rd working day of a month for the following month provided that the rental period is not shorter than 12 months. This is the case, if section 3, paragraph 5 of the AMB applies. Should a tenant cancel the tenancy agreement for personal reasons with the intention to move back to a student hall room after a short period of time, another tenancy is again possible on the basis of the Halls of Residence Regulations and Guidelines. However, the tenant may not reclaim the room rented until the cancellation of contract for a later tenancy. The room that becomes available with a tenant moving out is immediately used without restriction of any kind to be rented out to other tenants who have the right of abode. Students who have already lived in a student hall are excluded for 4 months from the date of moving out from reoccupying a student hall room. Under exceptional circumstances, the stated period may be reduced by the executive director of the Studentenwerk Dresden or the head of the accommodation division.

(5) If requested by the tenant, the tenancy can be cancelled after 11 months or an even shorter period of time on the basis of a termination agreement. Subject matter of this contract is the payment of compensations amounting to a maximum of 300 euros. The termination agreement shall be concluded at latest by the 3rd working day of the month preceding the month of the desired tenancy cancellation. Remuneration to the aforementioned amount is also due if the tenancy ends after 11 months or less as a result of an extraordinary notice of cancellation by the Studentenwerk Dresden. Remuneration is due on return of the rented accommodation. Remuneration is realized by holding back the deposit regardless of any deposit or rent arrears on the part of the tenant and regardless of any costs that might incur for the tenant as a result of damaged inventory etc. The tenant does not owe the aforementioned remuneration if the tenant gives reasonable notice due to circumstances beyond his/her control or if the tenancy has been limited by contract from the first due to special circumstances. Such circumstances exist if the tenant leaves university without registering anew with an educational institute in the scope and area of responsibility of the Studentenwerk Dresden. Proof of de-registration must be handed in to the Studentenwerk Dresden with the contract termination. AMB section 11, paragraph 4, clause 2 and the following also apply in cases like the one mentioned above.

The termination must be handed in in informal, written form. A timely email to your rental clerk is sufficient.

You must contact your contact person make a termination agreement. Your contact person will provide you with the required form.

Overview: Contact persons (department of accommodation)