Student hall Wundtstraße 7 in Dresden


Photo Wundtstraße  7


Wundtstraße 7, 01217 Dresden


near to the TU and HTW, conveniently situated


single room apartments with kitchenette and bathroom; accommodation units of two single bedrooms sharing a kitchen and a bathroom; accommodation units of two single bedrooms with own bathrooms sharing a kitchen

Special Features:

Individuals with disabilities: Two person living spaces on the ground floor can be used by two wheelchair users or one wheelchair user and one caregiver.
28 family-friendly flat-shares for two tenants (hook-up assemblies for washing machines available). These are available at the residence application form. Music room, large outdoor sports facilities

WUeins – Canteen Offerings

On the ground floor of the Wundstraße1 dorms, you can find the WUeins canteen. There are classic lunch menu options and a la carte evening options, cocktails, and regularly changing options.

WOMIKO - living with fellow students

TU - Faculty of Electronical Engineering and Information Technology (WOMIKO-Tutor)

Accommodation units

Type of room Capacity (219) Size Rent
Accessible one-room apartment 1 46m² 320 EUR
One-bed room in 2-person shared flat/fully furnished 56 15m² 293 EUR
One-bed room w/ private bath in 2-person shared flat/fully furnished 62 13 - 17m² 275 - 296 EUR
One-room apartment for carers 1 31m² 320 EUR
Single apartment/fully furnished 99 23 - 27m² 319 - 355 EUR
Returnable deposit 300 EUR
Renovation 2008-2009
Facilities Washing and drying machines (cashless payment), cycle storage, elevator, cable TV, Internet connection(AG DSN)

360° views

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Photos & plans

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Floor Plans

Here you find examples of the most common housing types in this student hall. Please note that individual units may vary slightly in layout (arrangement of rooms and room size) from those listed on the floor plans.

floor plan
plan of unit with two rooms and one bathroom
plan of unit with two rooms and two bathrooms
plan of unit single bed room with bathroom
plan of unit single bed room without bathroom
plan of unit single room apartment
plan of accessible accomodation unit

Contact persons

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For short-term changes in case of delegation please check the bulletin board in your student hall.
If you want to rent a room or apartment in student halls you have to fill in an application form.

Responsible for student accommodation

Contact persons
Manja Reißmann
, +49 351 4697-616
Times for personal consultations

Studentenwerk, room 116

day of the weekTimes for personal consultations
Tuesday9:00am - 12:00pm
Thursday1:00pm - 5:00pm

For many concerns, communication by e-mail or telephone has proven itself, you are welcome to use this option.


Contact persons
Robert Schwarz
, +49 351 4719827
, +49 160 4181656
Andreas Haugk (representative)
, +49 160 5927918
Times for personal consultations

In the janitor's office, room 01061

We will inform you by e-mail about the times to pick up the keys with a signed tenancy agreement. No appointment is required for collect the keys.
day of the weekTimes for personal consultations
Monday2:00pm - 2:30pm
Wednesday2:00pm - 2:30pm
Friday11:00am - 11:30am

Chief of accommodation

Contact persons
Ute Arnold
, +49 351 4724076
+49 160 92951652
Times for personal consultations

Office Wundtstraße 3 by arrangement


TU - Faculty of Electronical Engineering and Information Technology:
Unfortunately, the position of the WOMIKO-Tutor is vacant at the moment. If you feel appointed to support first semester students of your discipline, to organise semester opening sessions and parties, as well as helping your fellow students to find additional instructions, you are the ideal WOMIKO-Tutor! As a WOMIKO-Tutor, you receive an allowance of 300€ per semester. If you are interested, please contact your residential sector manager.

Wheelchair accessible apartment

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In the 360° views you can have a look in the wheelchai accessible apartment.