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Students4Students - an initiative for foreign students

Students4Students tutors

The Studentwerk Dresden has launched a new project - Students4Students, an initiative for foreign students, would like to welcome you in Dresden!

Who we are

We are a group of students from different countries, who, just as you do, live in student halls and who would like to help you to feel comfortable.

With this tutor program the Studentenwerk Dresden aims at providing a contact person for the new foreign students in their student halls.

What we are doing

Together with the janitor (Hausmeister) and the network administrators we are your first contact persons in your dormitory. Our assistance varies, depending on your needs, from translation to integration activities or clarifications in conflict cases. We are also available for individual counselling.

When and where we are available

You can ask general questions by sending an e-mail to:

If you have questions or problems you can also send an e-mail to a tutor, e-mail adresses are shown below. If required, we will help you to receive assistance by the Studentenwerk.

Overview of all Students4Students tutors
Name:Radoslav Dimitrov
Home country:Bulgaria
Student hall:Hochschulstraße 46
E-mail address:radoboy91 at
Mother tongue:Bulgarian
Foreign languages:German, English, Russian
Courses of study:TU / Architektur
Theresa Struckmann
Name:Theresa Struckmann
Home country:Germany
Student hall:St. Petersburger Str. 25
E-mail address:theresa.struckmann at
Mother tongue:German
Foreign languages:English, Spanish
Courses of study:TU / Regenerative Energiesysteme
Gloriya Dimitrova
Name:Gloriya Dimitrova
Home country:Bulgaria
Student hall:St. Petersburger Str. 29
E-mail address:Gloriya.d at
Mother tongue:Bulgarian
Foreign languages:German, English, Russian
Courses of study:TU / Mechatronik
Anne-Liesse Fiutak
Name:Anne-Liesse Fiutak
Home country:Poland
Student hall:Wundtstraße 11
E-mail address:anneliessefiutak at
Mother tongue:Polish
Foreign languages:German, English
Anna Gromykina
Name:Anna Gromykina
Home country:Russia
Student hall:Gret-Palucca-Str. 11
E-mail address:anna.gromykina at
Mother tongue:Russian
Foreign languages:German, English
Courses of study:TU / Informatik
Maxym Lebedyk
Name:Maksym Lebedyk
Home country:Ukraine
Student hall:Gret-Palucca-Str. 9
E-mail address:maksym.lebedyk at
Mother tongue:Ukrainian
Foreign languages:English, Russian, Polish, German, Ukrainian
Courses of study:TU / Electrical Engineering
Kristina Sonnenberg
Name:Kristina Sonnenberg
Home country:Russia
Student hall:Wundtstraße 11
E-mail address:kristina.sonnenberg3 at
Mother tongue:Russian
Foreign languages:German, English, French
Courses of study:TU / Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
Liping Wang
Name:Liping Wang
Home country:China
Student hall:Wundtstraße 7
E-mail address:wanglipingwu at
Mother tongue:Chinese
Foreign languages:English, German
Courses of study:TU / Bauingenieurwesen
Yufei Du
Name:Yufei Du
Home country:China
Student hall:Wundtstraße 9
E-mail address:duyufei923 at
Mother tongue:Chinese
Foreign languages:English, German
Courses of study:TU / Maschinenbau
Yu Zheng
Name:Yu Zheng
Home country:China
Student hall:Fritz-Löffler-Str. 12
E-mail address:zhengyulala at
Mother tongue:Chinese
Foreign languages:English, German
Courses of study:TU / Elektrotechnik/Informationstechnik
Nadine Gauder
Name:Nadine Gauder
Home country:Deutschland
Student hall:Budapester Str. 24
E-mail address:nadine.gauder at
Mother tongue:German
Foreign languages:German, English, Spanish
Courses of study:TU / Maschinenbau
Kamran Gaibkhanov
Name:Kamran Gaibkhanov
Home country:Aserbaidshan
Student hall:Privat
E-mail address:kamrangaibkhanov at
Mother tongue:Azerbaijani, Russian
Foreign languages:Azerbaijani, Turkish, German, English, Russian
Courses of study:HTW / Wirtschaftsinformatik
Name:Fanny Szathmáry
Home country:Ungarn
Student hall:Wundtstr.1
E-mail address:fanny.szathmary at
Mother tongue:Hungarian
Foreign languages:Hungarian, German, English
HCourses of study:TU / Wirtschaftswissenschaften, VWL