Rehearsal rooms

Proberaum mit Schlagzeug, Verstärker und E-Piano
Band rehearsal room in the cellar

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Cultural Sponsorship Guidelines, students from universities associated with Studentenwerk Dresden and artistic collectives with at least 50% student members may use the rehearsal rooms at TUSCULUM. The following rooms are available:

Halls 1, 2 and 3 (125 m², 70 m², 70 m²) can be used on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for rehearsal purposes by student groups. Currently available rooms and times will be provided upon request. Halls 1 and 3 have a piano.

Proberaum mit Gitarre, Notenständer und Klavier
Rehearsal room in the attic

On the upper floor, there are rehearsal spaces for smaller groups (unplugged without drums and amplification).Two of these rooms have a piano. Usage fees are due for the use of these spaces.

In the cellar, there are 2 band rehearsal rooms, each with a drum kit, e-piano and two electronic amplifiers. Usage fees are due for the use of these spaces.